A beautiful creation of Mother Nature.
Lovingly nurtured. Respectfully preserved.

On the south easterly slopes of mount batukaru is our organic coffee estate blessed with not only edible wild grown fruits and vegetables, but with potable mountain water, and wild life forms that co-exist harmoniously with us. We extend our warm hospitality to you. Come join us in this celebration of nature’s diversity


To expand our belief in the preservation of healthy cultivation and continuos education of biodynamic farming, we welcome guests to come stay with us and experience this deep connection with nature, and understand the concept of this concept of farming here in Bali.  We built comfortable open air rooms that is respectful of the natural terrain and sustainably built with mostly natural materials. We can accommodate up to 8 for the open concept rooms, and have a camping site of up to 5 set-up tents. There  is a yoga deck overlooking the jatiluwih valley and the southern ocean, a sheltered bamboo meditation shala that can also serve as dormitories for small groups.