Welcome to Batukaru Coffee Estate

A pristine land flourishing with natures intelligence.
A virgin jungle awaiting to nurture us with live foods.


We are situated approximately 1000m up on the south eastern slopes of the second highest mountain of Bali – Mount Batukaru. It is the highest dormant volcanic peak in the Bedugul area and is the second highest mountain in Bali. Batukaru is worshipped by the Balinese, and has a temple, Pura Luhur Batukaru, devoted to it. The large crater, with an opening at the southern end, allows river Mawa to flow, hence its name “Batukaru”, which means “coconut shell” in Balinese.


Situated halfway up the 2700m high Mount BATUKARU, we are on the south easterly direction overlooking the valley of Unesco protection site – the Jatiluwih ricefields. Jatiluwih has been gazetted by the Unesco as an effort to preserve the ancient irrigation subak system. Our arabica coffee plants thrive on what was formally a vast, untouched and pristine virgin jungle, and our estate oversees the panaromic view of the South-eastern coastline.

Besides our coffee plants, this 10-hectare estate is also bursting with wild grown tropical fruits and vegetables, with different varieties to be harvested all year round. We have a total of around 50 types of wild grown fruits and vegetables. Animals such as deer, tropical birds, civet cats, monkeys and chickens roam free. Our land is alive with energy, as witnessed by not only the abundance of thriving crops, but also the presence of century old fossilised tree stand stoic over the passage of time.


Since the beginning of time, man and nature is inextricably co-dependent. Keeping our land in ecological harmony is our top priority here at BATUKARU coffee estate. The adoption of biodynamic farming allows us to treat Mother Earth with utmost respect, as we lovingly and painstakingly make our own compost and manures to heal and nurture the soils. We reject the use of any chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and believe that healthy soil is the basis of nutritious crops, and wholesome food is the basis of good health. We love our land, and abide by the concept of biodynamic farming.


Co-founder of Batukaru Coffee Estate, Biodynamic farmer

Born into a Balinese family of Hindu priests lineage, Kentri Norberg, also know as Wayan in Balinese, is the eldest of the family of 4 siblings.

Kentri lived in Halmstad, South-western Sweden for 8 years with her Swedish husband before moving back to Bali in 2009. A proud mother of 3 grown children, the interest in biodynamic farming was ignited during her stay in Sweden, where her green fingers were attending to her own fruits and vegetables garden, serving family meals from garden to table.

After coming back to Bali, Kentri was unfortunately diagnosed with early stage of cervical cancer, along with cysts growth and skin allergies that had developed over the years in Sweden. Determined to fight these mutated cells in the most chemical- free manner, she began her research into naturopathy and self healing methods, focusing primarily on using food as medicine.

During these difficult times, although her body was ill, her mind was awakened to the fact that rich resources in the form of natural plants and herbs are abundant and provided by Mother Nature to us, if only we take time to educate ourselves.

Pharmaceuticals has led us to believe that synthetic chemicals is a quick fix and cure-all for diseases, and the scary truth is the over dependency on them. It is most important to see that underlying these sickness is the result of an imbalance between the body, mind and soul. This disharmony is a hotbed and breeding ground for all sorts of physical and mental illnesses.

Recent surveys have shown that increasingly more people are aware of their food sources, ethical farming methods and responsible food labelling. Kentri’s journey into seeking self healing for her own sickness eventually expanded into her current life mission of developing pure foods, to be shared with everyone who has an interest in bio dynamic farming. Her commitment is to be a ‘Heart’working farmer, and this is evident in the laborious hours she spend on Batukaru coffee estate, cultivating her own composts to ensure the healthiest soils produce live foods with live energy. The result of this unwavering dedication is an explosion of pure arabica coffee beans and close of 50 varieties of wild grown edible fruits and vegetables.

With a solid background in villa building, interior design and close to 100 projects spanning over 23 years in Sweden and Bali under her belt, Kentri is able to breathe life into Batukaru coffe estate when she decided to create a harmonious living space to share with her guests.

Carefully respecting the natural terrains and merging comfortable accommodation into the natural beauty of this estate is a key consideration. Majority of the building materials are sourced around the local village, and these are natural or recycled materials like wood and bamboo. The intention is to create a safe space for healing and sharing, while giving utmost consideration to eco-system sustainability.

Currently there is a sheltered yoga shala and an outdoor yoga deck, comfortable rooms that can accommodate up to 20. This place holds a high vibrational energy suitable for healing and relaxation.

A beautiful waterfall and hot spring is 15 Minutes drive away. Water purification by the local priest is held at a nearby sacred spot where 2 river tributaries meet. A wild jungle trek of 20minutes will also bring you to a picnic spot beside a natural spring pool. Kentri strongly believe that whatever nature endows, it is a gift for all. She warmly welcome others to share this wonderful gift – the Batukaru coffee estate.

Food is medicine. And pure healthy soil has always been mother earth’s first promise to us. In the bereaved state of pollution we are in after generations of neglect, it is high time we as earthlings reclaim this duty to nurture and respect the beautiful land that had lovingly fed us nice the being of mankind. Please join us to embrace and protect this very important mission.